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Dear Catholic Worker Community of Akron,

 In this communication, I would like to update you about Catholic Worker Akron activities.


The following are updates about Strategic Plan Goals and the Murray Peace House.

Utilizing the mission of Catholic Worker Akron and all  the feedback and input of the Focus Groups and the key stakeholders, the Director and Board of Directors deeply discerned and adopted the following strategic goals:

​-Expand Board membership to include specific professional community positions to support the mission of CWA: Initiated.
-Support CWA leadership by creating roles that foster CWA’s sustainability and growth: Initiated.
-Present Catholic Worker Akron (CWA) as a “local mission” to align funding opportunities, volunteer support, and valuable partnerships with its mission and purpose.
-Re-imagine the guest experience with a focus on self-sufficiency, reciprocity, and family investment: Initiated.
-With committed volunteers and paid and/or in-kind professionals, meet the emerging needs of marketing, communication planning, and fundraising by developing annualized written plans that connect goals and objectives with the resources and funds needed: Initiated.
-Create and implement a “Neighborhood Ministry” on Princeton Street.

-Care for CWA-owned properties for the comfort and safety of our families and to add value to the community.

We welcome your gifts and honor your time.
Please contact us to get involved

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