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At Catholic Worker Akron, we are working hard to get you news about our mission in addition to opportunities to help. 

For instance we are in need of tutors, grant writers, transportation for outreach families, Spanish speaking volunteers and 3 live-in volunteers. 

Our mission cannot work without your support. 

Volunteer with us, pray with us and spread the word to your friends who might be called to serve in a multi-cultural environment. 



To all of the workers who are involved, whether

it has been 10 days or 30 years, Thank You. 

Your work and dedication is appreciated. 

We see you ​

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We offer a physical newsletter if you would like to give us your physical address, we will ensure you are included in future mailings. 

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We are in the process of developing an online blog. If you would like to be added to that list, provide your email address below. 

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