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We see our life together as a sign of the Kingdom of God, a living out of the Gospel in a concrete way.  The way of life is grounded in voluntary simplicity and the offering of hospitality to those in need whom God sends us.

From this foundation we also speak out against injustice, violence and consumer culture.  Continuing in the Catholic Worker tradition, the Catholic Worker of Akron offers a Roundtable discussion once a month.  We also gather for Lection Divina weekly.

We see our life here as a lay apostolate, and we are always happy to share about our community.  Come and visit us anytime, or we would be happy to come and speak to your parish or group.

Catholic Worker Hospitality

We try to live the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy through the practice of hospitality: Hospitality includes shelter, food, emotional and spiritual support.  Breaking the cycle of homelessness.  Advocacy for the homeless and marginalized people.  Tutoring at-risk children, GED, and ESL.  Connecting others in finding services they need.  Being present to the God in the other.  Once strangers now family.

According to Alexander Stauch,”Hospitality is love in action.  Hospitality is the flesh and muscle on bones of love.”

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